Group Programs at the Native American Museum

The standard charge is $0.50 per child for any program that involves a naturalist.  If you are visiting both the Nature Center and the Native American Museum, the $0.50 charge covers both buildings. 

 For the standard $0.50 charge, you may choose from:
   Animal Extinction Activity—Discover how it feels to hunt and depend upon animals that are rapidly disappearing. 
          ½-1 hour, all ages

   Totem Animals—A good craft for younger children, we make a necklace and learn how important animals were to local
          native people.  ½ hour, all ages
   Track Matching—A simple game in which children try to match the tracks of animals with their pictures.  ½ hour, all ages
   Track Identification Booklets—Make a booklet to help you identify animal footprints.  ½ hour, ages 7+
   Woodland Housing—Make a wigwam out of paper, or a Northwest plank house using paper and craft sticks.  ½-1 hour,
                    ages 6 and up
   Coup Stick—Warriors will admire your courage when you show them your very own coup stick.  1 hour, ages 6 and up
   Rubbing Plates—Our rubbing plates make beautiful designs on paper.  ½ hour, ages 4 and up
   Story Sticks—Paint a story stick and tell us all about yourself and your family.  1 hour, ages 5 and up
   Story Time—Listen to some traditional Indian stories and see what you can learn from them.  ½ hour, all ages
   Lunar Calendar—the native of the Northeastern Woodlands used nature to mark the passing of time.  Learn the Miami
          names for the months and seasons.  ½-1 hour, ages 6 and up.
   Trail of Death Hike—How does it fee to be a Potawatomi Indian who is being removed from Indiana to Kansas?  Will you
          make it?  Will your friends?  We hike the park trails and imagine how they felt when they left Indiana.  ½-1 hour, ages 8+
   Tribal Extinction Activity—We take a look at tribes who no longer exist or whose numbers are greatly depleted.  ½-1
          hour, ages 8+

For an additional charge of $1.00 per child, you may choose from:
   Clay Pots—Make a handy bowl or pot to put your treasures in.  ½ hour, ages 4 and up
   Yarn Pictures—Using colorful yarn, make a picture of your own favorite symbols or animals.  ½-1 hour, ages 6 and up

For an additional charge of $2.00 per child, you may choose from:
   Cowrie Shell Necklace—Make your own shell necklace to remind you of the vast trade networks that existed long
                    before Columbus came to the Americas.  ½ hour, ages 6 and up
   Dreamcatcher—A recent craft, the popular dreamcatcher will protect you from nightmares.  1 hour, ages 6 and up
   Exotic Bead Necklace—Make a necklace of beautiful trade beads.  ½-1 hour, ages 6 and up
   Felt Pouches—Make your own pouch to carry on a hunting expedition.  ½-1 hour, ages 8 and up
   Mandala—A small version of the warrior’s shield, the mandala will protect you during battle.  1 hour, ages 8 and up
   Picture Writing—The people of the Great Plains told stories by painting on animal skins.  1 hour, ages 6 and up
   Tribal Choker—Learn about warriors of the Plains while making your own choker.  1 hour, ages 6 and up

We also offer guided tours, scavenger hunts, and info quests for visiting groups.  The scavenger hunts are appropriate for kindergarten through third grade, while the info quests are geared toward third grade and older.  We can tailor programs to a particular region or tribe if requested.

“Walk Throughs” (where museum staff is present, but the group is on their own) are free.

Please call us at 812-877-6007 to plan your group’s program.  We reserve the right to limit the number of participants.  Our fax number is 812-877-0307. 

Curator, Jane Creedon
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