How do I get a nuisance animal out of my yard?

Well, that all depends on the animal and what it's doing in your yard in the first place.  For instance, many of the animals that some people consider nuisances are handing around our homes because of the food that we put out to attract the wildlife that we want.  Deer and raccoons especially like the food that we put out for birds, and if you have a hummingbird feeder or butterfly feeder, you can expect ants, bees and wasps to join the buffet.  Skunks eat primarily insects and berries, and so tend to live near brush and log piles as well as berry thickets.  If you have the habitat and the food, the animals will come.

However, there are times when it is necessary to remove and relocate an animal:  if it is being a threat or destroying property.  When an animal comes into conflict with humans, it is best to remove it for the well-being of the animal.  There are a number of wildlife conflict management options; for more information, visit the Wildlife Conflicts Information Hotline.

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