Park Sights

All Around
the Park

You'll see a variety of wildflowers and wildlife all over the park.  Even in winter, there are beautiful sights to see!  Take a stroll along our three miles of trails, enjoy the prairie restoration and the heirloom garden, or walk along the pond.  Don't forget to look up and down and all around--different animals live in different places and have different habits.  Keep your eyes open for creatures large and small! 

Viewing Area

These are just a few of the animals we see in our wildlife viewing area on a regular basis, including a  variety of feeder birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and raccoons.  Occasionally we also see deer, groundhogs, opossums, fox, owls, and hawks.

The Prairie Restoration

Our small patch of restored prairie was first constructed in Fall of 1991, and then expanded in Winter of 2000.  It is filled with native prairie grasses and flowering plants that used to thrive in our Indiana prairies.  You may recognize:  Purple Coneflower, Prairie Coreopsis, Prairie Sunflower, Little and Big Bluestem grasses, Cup Plant, Asters, Bee Balm (Monarda), and Rattlesnake Master.
    You'll also see a large variety of insects in the prairie for most of the year, including dragonflies, bees, wasps, ants, flies, beetles, true bugs, mantids, and walkingsticks.

Annual Kids' Fishing Rodeo

Every year, on the second Saturday in June, Dobbs Park Nature Center hosts a Kids' Fishing Rodeo, which draws in an average of 200 children ages 2-15.  We have great prizes for catching the largest bass, catfish, and sunfish in each category, plus largest fish overall and most fish overall.  We also have TONS of awesome door prizes and a whole lot of fun!

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