Group Programs at the Nature Center

The standard charge is $0.50 per child for any program that involves a naturalist.  If you are visiting both the Nature Center and the Native American Museum, the $0.50 charge covers both buildings.   All of the programs below typically run 20-30 minutes unless otherwise noted, with some extra time at the end to tour the nature center, but can be shortened or expanded depending on how much time your group has.  We can adjust each program to any age level.

Although there is much to see at Dobbs Park, and especially at the Nature Center, we realize that budget constraints sometimes prevent groups from traveling.  For these cases, we can adapt most of the programs below to be held off-site.  The standard charges per child still apply.  We can work out the details when you call to schedule your program.

For the standard $0.50 charge, you may choose from:
Amphibians—frogs and salamanders—life cycle and habitats
Astronomy—stargazing for each season
Bats—includes bat trivia and conservation
Birds—can be a general program, or focus on one of the following subjects:
Bird ID Quiz—better for older kids
       Birds of Prey—hawks, falcons, and owls
       Feeder Birds—with an optional “Feeder Birds” booklet for the children to color
       Owls—silent night hunters
Fish—native and/or sport fish
Furs—native animals and their seasonal habits and habitats
Guided Hikes
Insects—metamorphosis, predator-prey relationships, garden good guys/bad guys, or focus on the following:
         Butterflies—life cycle, caterpillar host plants, and nectar sources, plus Monarch migration
         Dragonflies and Damselflies—aerial hunters—life cycle and habits
Predator/Prey—the complex relationship between the hunter and the hunted
Reptiles—see some native reptiles that live right here in the Nature Center—up close and personal!
Spiders—the good, the bad, and the ugly!
Tracking—how to track a variety of animals by their tracks, scat, and other signs they leave behind—
        includes an optional “Tracking” booklet for the kids to stamp the tracks

Trees—discover some of the common trees in Indiana and how we depend on trees for items we use every day
Weird & Wonderful Wildlife (PowerPoint)
all about the strange creatures that call Indiana home
Wetlands—how we depend on wetlands and the animals and plants that live there
Wildflowers—beauty is not just in a cultivated garden—it’s right here in the woods!  (available in spring)
Winter Habits
learn how the resident wildlife of Indiana make it through the winter

Age appropriate Knowledge Hunts for 1st grade and up
Picture Scavenger Hunts for Preschool and Kindergarten

For an additional charge of $1.00 per child, you may choose from:
Plaster Tracks—paint a plaster track of an Indiana native to take home with you! (Usually takes about 45 min)
Tree Cookies—learn how to tell the age of a tree by counting growth rings, and make a “tree cookie” necklace
(Check with a naturalist to be sure that these are available!)

 “Walk Throughs” (where nature center staff is present, but the group is on their own) are free.

Guided hikes are also available.  Call us at 812-877-1095 to plan your trip, or for more info on programs. 

                Carissa Lovett
                Karen Moffett

We can customize the program for the age of the participants and the amount of time that you have to spend with us.  Just contact us to schedule your program!  We recommend that you call at least one week prior to your requested visit. 

We hope to see you soon!

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