Nature Center Wish List

Would you like to help Dobbs Park Nature Center and the animals who live here?
You can help by donating any of the following items!

Regular Needs:
        Bird Seed
                Black oil sunflower seed
                Striped sunflower seed
                Deer corn

                Cracked corn
                Ear corn
                In-shell peanuts
Live Bait
                Earthworms (not redworms)
                Minnows (not goldfish)
        Mouse food
                Mixed food
                Old-fashioned oats
                Wood chews
                Salt wheels
        Turtle & fish food
                Pellets/granules (not flakes)
                Sinking carnivore pellets
                Algae disks
                ReptoMin floating food sticks
                Freeze-dried shrimp
                Woody pet from Rural King
                Repti-bark from pet stores
                EcoEarth peat
                EcoTerra moss
                Wood shavings

Occasional donations:
        Reptisafe water conditioner
        Amquel water treatment
        Avimin liquid vitamins for birds
        Aquarium heaters
        Aquarium filter cartridges
        Bird feeders (in good condition if used)
        New aquarium/terrarium furnishings
        Nature books and field guides
        Large mouse exercise wheels (coated)
        Small bag of alfalfa cubes
Rare or one-time needs:
        DVD player (good condition)
        Power strips (surge protection)
        Light timers
        Small automatic paper folding machine
                (for half-fold and tri-fold)
        Poster Frames
                (preferably acrylic instead of glass)
Office and storage needs:
        White copy paper
        Bright, light, or pastel copy paper
        Plastic storage boxes with lids
        Clear sheet protectors
        Post-it notepads
        Letter size notepads
        40 watt compact fluorescent light bulbs
        50-75 watt reptile heat lamp light bulbs
        Last Child in the Woods; Richard Louv
Nature Smart; Diehn et. al.
        Earthwise at school; Lowery and Lorbiecki
      Earthwise at home;
Lowery and Lorbiecki
      Dragonflies of Indiana; James R. Curry
      Nature Field Guides of Eastern US or Indiana

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